Detailed Description

Understanding Anger

This workshop will support people to understand their anger, its origins, and impact in their lives. Participants will learn effective ways to direct their anger so that it serves as a source of forming better relationships and working through differences respectfully.

There will be a focus on understanding what anger is, how to distinguish it from abuse and controlling behaviours, and how to develop the calmness within required to explore what truly bothers us and what we need. Facilitators will introduce an overview of some of the issues related to working with anger, the techniques that are most effective, and the direction needed to proceed further with this work. A variety of topics may be touched on, but we will explore those which most concern the group present.

Areas which can be explored include:

  • The Dysfunctional Cycle: How does powerlessness and self-doubt contribute to angry responses and controlling behaviours ? What ways exist to get off this self-defeating cycle ?
  • Anger: What it is and what it is not.
  • Distinguishing abuse and violence from healthy anger.
  • Forms of emotional and verbal abuse: Why they hurt and how we can deal with this.
  • Underlying beliefs which contribute to abusive behaviours and respectful alternatives.
  • Patterns of expressing anger: Stuffing/escalating/directing.
  • Self-talk: Talking ourselves up/down.
  • Passive, aggressive, assertive behaviours.
  • Jealousy: What it is and how it relates to abuse.

We will also explore the boxes for men and women: What keeps us separate from our partners and limits our responses?