Detailed Description

Finding Your Voice

In healthy organizations people can speak their mind and express differences with one another. This is actually quite rare in organizations, but an important endeavor nonetheless. When people feel heard, there is a stronger commitment to the results of the team. Strong community is one where everyone feels free to speak their mind when they are moved to speak and feel strongly about something.

In this session we will explore what gets in the way and how we can move past that to create an optimum group process. We will take a look at the group dynamics as well as early messages about speaking up. We will also examine the roles we play in the current group, and highlight any changes that would be helpful.

Mapping of group dynamics. Notice which category you belong to:

  • Frequent speakers who feel comfortable speaking up.
  • Quiet ones who rarely speak up.
  • Occasional speakers, who speak up at times.

What do we all have in common in terms of:

  • Our degree of self consciousness and comfort in groups.
  • Our ways of thinking about being in groups.
  • Our assumptions about how people see us when we are in groups.
  • Early messages from our childhood that we got about speaking up.

What changes would we hope to make (if at all) to support the whole in operating at a higher level?

Self-limiting beliefs about speaking: What are they? How can we move beyond them?