Inner Odyssey at the Office

“This workshop has changed my life. I found that suddenly, after the workshop, I was able to make changes that I was unable to make in the past. – Liz Dunbar, Psychiatric Nurse, Nanaimo, BC

You don’t have to pack up or take off large blocks of time to get the benefits of a retreat. Our Inner Odyssey guides can lead you and/or your team on a personal renewal journey right in your own environment.

Whether you choose a lunch-hour refresher, a half-day perk, a full-day exploration, or a more extensive immersion–you and/or your team members will revitalize, relax and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose.

What would your workplace be like if everyone were calm, cool, and collected–even in the midst of  intense demands? You can find out by hosting a mini-retreat at the office.

Organizations can also send a team member to our Inner Odyssey Guide Training Program and take back valuable knowledge, skills and resources to share with the team.

For more info or to book contact Sharon and Alan at 250-537-9773 or