Session Overview

The Subtle Art of Connecting Micro-Skills for Building Relationships at Work

Communications and work relationship experts Sharon Bronstein MSW and Alan Caplan MA have designed an interactive workshop that expose the hiccups in communication that interfere with employee engagement and the bottom line in the long run.

Participants in this session will understand where their communication is not having the effect they intended. They will also have an opportunity to correct this by trying out new ways of responding that are truly effective. Managers will discover how they are unconsciously sending messages to their employees that are hurting their work relationships. Thanks to the inspiring work of relationship researcher John Gottman, as well as the use of other effective techniques, participants will become aware of the unhealthy hidden messages they are sending and learn how to stop them. Attendees will also learn how overcome the hidden blocks to inspiring others, and instead present messages that are supportive and respectful.

Through the exchange of bids (the smallest measure of communication possible), they will start sending the messages that we all know people at work want to receive: messages that they are cared for, appreciated, trusted and needed.