Session Overview

Journal Writing: A Tool for Insight and Renewal

In a relentless surge of cutting-edge technologies, what is a timeless way to understand what our life is relaying while we deal with the daily challenges of work and personal life?

Hint: It can be done anywhere and costs almost nothing.

Answer: Journal writing.

It renews our spirit by connecting us to our inner voice. Through writing, we can discover what we think, feel and believe. One can sort through challenges, prime the creative pump, or simply mine the abundant inner stores of ideas that exist inside us all.

In this session, Sharon Bronstein MSW and Alan Caplan MA, who have worked as creative art therapist for over 20 years, will review various journaling techniques, while spotlighting the dialogue process. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a challenge or issue that they currently want some clarification on, taken from either their personal or work life. Journaling will be used to create meaning, understanding and insight. It will indicate which visions participants wish to manifest, articulate them, and help them figure out how to bring them to life. There will also be discussion on how journaling can be incorporated into one’s daily life as a source of regeneration and renewal.